Kokangabha (Agro Tourism) in Ratnagiri, is a superb hotel. In Ratnagiri, Kokangabha (Agro Tourism) offers online booking and comfortable living. Contact Kokangabha (Agro Tourism) in Ratnagiri for tariffs.

Welcome to Kokangabha (Agro Tourism) , Ratnagiri , India

Kokangabha (Agro Tourism)

Kokangabha Agro-Toursim Cashew Farm of 100 acres with scenic beauty, variety of plantations, good infrastructure with comfortable rooms. Farm has aquaculture pond and variety of birds and wildlife. Visitors can enjoy agricultural activities like farming, fishing.

At KOKANGABHA we are stongly promoting lifestyle associated with nature and local entertainment programmes. It is a 100 acre farm situated on hills. We have cashew plantations along with variety of fruit, medicinal,flowers and vegetable farming. Visitors to Kokangabha are assured a good time, being in the lap of nature. Some of them enjoy spending their time in the farm itself, participating in the every day activities like plantation activity i.e. from grafting a sapling in our nursery to planting the same, maintenance activity i.e. weed cutting, trimming of plants, spraying of pesticides, manuring, Handpicking the cashews etc.


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